November 2019 – OpenNebula Newsletter

Our newsletter contains the highlights of the OpenNebula project and its Community throughout the month. Technology After many hours of development, reviewing all the feedback we received from the Community and going through an intense testing phase, later this month we have officially announced the release of OpenNebula 5.10 “Boomerang”. These are some of the

Terraform Provider for OpenNebula Now Officially Approved

Back in July, Jean-Philippe FourĂšs announced on this very same blog that Iguane Solutions had made an exciting contribution to the OpenNebula Add-on Catalog in the form of a new Terraform Provider. Today we are extremely happy to confirm that, after several weeks of hard work led by Iguane Solutions and OpenNebula Systems, the Terraform

OpenNebula 5.10 “Boomerang” is Out!

The OpenNebula Team is very proud to announce the latest release of OpenNebula, code-named “Boomerang”. This is the sixth update release of the OpenNebula 5 series, and as you will have seen in previous beta communications, OpenNebula 5.10 “Boomerang” extends the ongoing development and evolution of OpenNebula with a focus on targeting usability and functional

Towards VMware NSX integration with OpenNebula

OpenNebula 5.10 “Boomerang”, whose stable release will be available in a matter of days, is the first version that officially supports VMware’s software-defined networking platform NSX in its two designs: NSX-T and NSX-V. This integration already covers logical switches, but it will also include support for security groups and edge services in the near future.

Meet Alberto P. Martí, OpenNebula’s new Open Source Community Manager

Born in sunny Valencia (Spain) in 1981—just in time to call himself a millennial—Alberto has developed his career in Spain and the United Kingdom, both in the IT sector and in Higher Education. He has joined OpenNebula’s new HQ office at La Finca Business Park in Madrid. Tell us how you ended up in the