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Continuation of Collaboration with Microsoft

The OpenNebula Project is pleased to announce the continuation of its collaboration with Microsoft on innovation and interoperability in cloud computing. The OpenNebula Project and Microsoft started to collaborate in Summer 2011 aimed at adding and mantaining Hyper-V on the list of officially supported hypervisors. A first collaboration was announced in September 2001. As a result,  in October 2011, we released under the Apache license a development version of the new plug-ins to build clouds on Microsoft Hyper-V.

The aim of this second collaboration is to bring the existing prototype to a more stable version and to enhance its features. Since the release of the first prototype, the OpenNebula project has provided support for the deployment and tuning of the new drivers to several users. These users have provided relevant feedback on functionality, stability and performance that will be addressed in the new version. You can find more technical details in the Hyper-V page of the OpenNebula ecosystem.

Great news!, and stay tuned, the new version will be ready in Q1 2012.

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Ignacio M. Llorente

Executive Director at OpenNebula

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