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New OpenNebula QA & site!

Last months have been quite busy for the team, a bunch of new features has been added to OpenNebula core as well exciting new components. There has been however a huge amount of effort that may go unnoticed in the upcoming OpenNebula 2.0 release.  As part of this release we also wanted to open our internal QA & testing  procedures to the community… so OpenNebula QA was born!

Testing & QA of a cloud management tool is particularly challenging as it requires to verify the integration of multiple software components, from different hypervisors (Xen, VMware & KVM) and storage architectures (SSH, NFS) to operating systems (Ubuntu and CentOS) and DB backends (MySQL and sqlite). Just check the OpenNebula QA page for a description of the automated test suite we are using, or if you want to check how your favorite Cloud toolkit behaves go to!

The OpenNebula Team

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Ruben S. Montero

Lead Cloud Engineer & Chief Architect at OpenNebula

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