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The Open Source Alternative to VMware

OpenNebula helps you migrate your Enterprise Cloud from VMware to a cost-effective open source virtualization platform based on KVM.

From VMware to OpenNebula

Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure by using solid open source technologies.



Multi-tenancy, self-service portal, data center federation, and hybrid cloud features.


Cost Effective

Lower total cost of ownership and a simple subscription-based pricing model.



Completely open, customizable and modular, so it can be adapted to your needs.


No Lock-in

An independent platform that helps you migrate to open source virtualization solutions.



Very easy to install, upgrade, and maintain, with easy-to-use graphical interfaces.



Certified, production-ready software with commercial SLAs and professional services.

OpenNebula vs VMware

Download our Competitive Pricing Review and discover the many benefits of migrating to OpenNebula!

OpenNebula VMware Cloud Reference Architecture - White Paper

Deploy OpenNebula in 5 minutes!

 To make things easier for current VMware customers, we have developed a simple evaluation tool: vOneCloud 🤓 Distributed as a virtual appliance for vSphere, it contains all the components you need to quickly deploy an OpenNebula front-end on top of your existing VMware infrastructure. After that, you will be able to start provisioning KVM nodes using remote bare-metal resources from AWS.


Download our Virtual Appliance


Deploy OpenNebula with vSphere


Create KVM Nodes on AWS Bare Metal

Paso 4

Launch VMs or Kubernetes clusters

It’s all about simplicity!

OpenNebula not only benefits your business’s value thanks to its lower capital and operational costs, but also provides increased flexibility with no vendor lock-in and simplicity of use, as well as multiple features not offered by VMware. OpenNebula comes with out-of-the-box support for both VMs and containers, with automatic provisioning tools for creating multi-provider hybrid & edge clouds, and with native support for open source hypervisors—including KVM, LXC systems containers, and lightweigth Firecracker microVMs.


Simple to Use

Powerful but easy-to-use graphical interfaces for your cloud administrators and end-users.


Simple to Update

New versions can be easily installed with no downtime of the virtual workload.

Simple to Adopt

Add cloud features without interfering with existing procedures and workflows.


Simple to Install

Available for easy installation on the most widely used Linux distributions.

Seamless Migration from VMware

OpenNebula provides cloud orchestration and provisioning features simple portals for cloud consumers and administrators, virtual data center management and provisioning, data center federation, management of multiple clusters, hybrid cloud connectors with public clouds, resource consumption control, and much more!

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Watch our webinar where we unveiled a structured process that ensures a smooth transition, guiding you through the essential considerations and elements to monitor during migrating from VMware to OpenNebula.



We released a new White Paper that summarizes best migration practices and guides organizations to successfully migrate from a VMware environment to an OpenNebula cloud ecosystem.

Webinar OneSwap


Discover features and capabilities of OneSwap, OpenNebula’s powerful solution designed to migrate from VMWare. Also featuring Encore Technology’s migration story.

qt company case study

After successfully migrating from VMware vSphere, Qt is now running over 4 million virtual machines per year on their OpenNebula cloud.

dustin case study

On the software side, the project replaced the traditional VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V software stacks with a New-Age IT stack powered by Linux and KVM, managed by OpenNebula’s Cloud Management Platform.


Our Evaluation Tool for VMware Customers

vOneCloud OVA is free to download and use. This virtual appliance does not interfere with existing vSphere configurations, procedures, and workflows. This means that you can use it to evaluate OpenNebula, and if you decide not to adopt it, you can just delete it. vOneCloud is ideal for exploring OpenNebula’s main features (check its System Requirements before installation). If you are planning to build a large-scale cloud, are interested in the federation of multiple controller instances, or want to integrate your infrastructure with third-party components, customize the product, or manage open source hypervisors, it’s better if you contact us! 😉

Support & Professional Services

OpenNebula Systems offers support subscriptions and professional services that provide corporate users with everything they might need for the evaluation, deployment, and management of their OpenNebula Cloud in a production environment, including support for successfully migrating your existing VMware infrastructure to OpenNebula!

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