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OpenNebula 3.2 Bringing Full Support for VMware

We are very happy to announce that the OpenNebula add-ons will be released under Apache license and incorporated into the main distribution of OpenNebula. The LDAP authentication, the accounting toolset and the VMWare support will be included in subsequent OpenNebula releases without needing to download any additional component. OpenNebula 3.2 support for VMware will also include the following new features that have been developed by C12G Labs for its customers and partners:
  • Support for VMware’s vMotion to allow live migration of VMs between VMware hosts, enabling load balancing between cloud worker nodes without downtime in the migrated VM.
  • Support for contextualization to provide a method to pass arbitrary data to a VM, enabling the configuration of the services at boot time.
  • Support for non-cloned, non-persistent disks, enabling the configuration of multiple Windows VMs using the same base non-persistent disk.
  • Support for SSH disk transfers, a replacement for the out-of-the-box shared filesystem Transfer Manager drivers, allowing the copy of the VM disks using the OpenSSH protocol, instead of relying on a shared datastore between the OpenNebula front-end and the VMware hypervisor hosts.

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Ignacio M. Llorente

Executive Director at OpenNebula

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