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OpenNebula 3.2 Red Spider is out!

January 17th, 2012. The OpenNebula project is happy to announce the availability of the stable release of OpenNebula 3.2. This release of OpenNebula features important improvements in security, networking and user management. It also fully integrates C12G addons, previously only available for OpenNebulaPro customers.

As main new features, OpenNebula 3.2 incorporates an easily-customizable self-service portal for end-users that greatly simplifies VM provisioning in the data center. This new update of OpenNebula also brings the highest levels of flexibility, stability, scalability and functionality for VMware-based data centers and clouds in the open-source domain. OpenNebula 3.2 provides an open management platform that compares to vCenter and vCloud, that can moreover be adapted to fit into your environment.

As usual OpenNebula releases are named after a Nebula. The Red Spider Nebula (NGC 6537) is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Sagittarius.

Highlights of OpenNebula 3.2

Notable improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • VMware, out-of-the-box support for VMware that now includes live migration, advanced contextualization, image and network management.
  • Self-Service Portal, a new easy-to-use web-based end-user interface that complements the existing GUIs for the operation of the data-center (OpenNebula Sunstone) and for the management of multiple zones (OpenNebula Zones).
  • User & Group Management, to easily share virtual resources with other users and groups.
  • Improved Security, that fixes security issues and incorporates new authentication drivers and performance improvements.
  • Networking Drivers, a new set of drivers are now available to perform networking setup operations.
  • Data Center Placement Policies, placement policies can be defined globally to optimize the resources of the datacenter. There are 4 predefined policies: packing, striping, load-aware, and custom.

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The OpenNebula Team

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Ruben S. Montero

Lead Cloud Engineer & Chief Architect at OpenNebula