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Screencasts – OpenNebula 4.2 Features

Here are three short screencasts that give an overview of some of the new features introduced in OpenNebula 4.2 from the user’s perspective. Enjoy!

Sunstone Self-Service Cloud View

The Cloud view is one of the configurable Sunstone views.

This simplified view is intended for cloud consumers that just require a portal where they can provision new virtual machines easily. They just have to select one of the available templates and the operating system that will run in this virtual machine.

OneFlow Service Deployment

Thanks to the OneFlow component introduced in OpenNebula 4.2, related virtual machines can be grouped into a Service. A Service can define deployment dependencies, as shown in this screencast.

 OneFlow Service Auto-Scaling

This screencast shows the OpenNebula Auto-Scaling features. A Service (group of interconnected VMs) can adjust the number of VMs based on performance metrics, or based on a schedule.

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