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The Emerging Ecosystem of Cloud Components

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula

Nov 9, 2008

MIT Technology Review has just published an interesting article entitled “Openning the Cloud” about open-source technological components to build a cloud-like infrastructure. The article focuses on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) paradigm, describing the components required to develop a solution to provide virtualized resources as a service. The article briefly describes the following technologies: OpenNebula, Globus Nimbus, and Eucalyptus.

In the OpenNenula project, we strongly believe that a complete Cloud solution requires the integration of several of the available components, with each component focused on a niche. The open architecture and interfaces of the OpenNevula VM Manager allow its integration with third-party tools, such as capacity managers, cloud interfaces, service adapters, VM image managers…; so supporting a complete solution for the deployment of flexible and efficient virtual infrastructures. We maintain an Ecosystem web page with information about third-party tools to extend the functionality provided by OpenNebula.

Ignacio Martín Llorente


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