OpenNebula + Edgify + OneEdge,

Edgify – Edge as a Service

Hosted, fully managed OpenNebula control plane – the fastest, most cost-effective path to private, edge, and hybrid cloud in your enterprise.

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Vendor-Neutral Application-Agnostic

Cloud-to-Edge Continuum

Whether on prem, edge or public cloud, Edgify builds a vendor-neutral multi-cloud environment with unified management and operations, simplicity, intelligent automation, and always-on availability.

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What is Edgify – OpenNebula as a Service?


Edgify is a new service that builds a hosted cloud, with a fully managed OpenNebula front-end ready to automatically deploy as a service, in just a few minutes, a distributed edge multi-cloud environment using resources from your favorite cloud provider and on-premises locations.


Combine application containers from Kubernetes and Docker Hub with traditional Virtual Machine workloads.


Expand your Enterprise Cloud by unlocking the power of a true hybrid, edge and multi-cloud architecture.


Add new resources dynamically to meet peaks in demand, or fault tolerance and latency requirements.

Your Enterprise Edge Cloud Made of Clouds

OpenNebula-as-a-Service delivers the simplicity and agility of a public cloud alongside the performance, security, and control of a private cloud.



Cloud front-end hosted in your geographic region, backed by an enterprise class 99.9% uptime SLA and with 24/7 enterprise support SLA.



Installation, monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades performed by our expert team.


Edge and Cloud Choice

Automatically deploy clusters on your servers, at your location for data sovereignty, or on resources on your providers for low latency.


Optimized Configuration

Customize your configuration and instance types to meet your needs and follow your security best practices.


Maximum Availability

The front-end can be deployed across zones and the clusters can be deployed across locations and providers to maximize availability.


Elasticity & Flexible Pricing

Scale as your business needs and pay-as-you-go for unlimited guest instances with flexible pricing with an on-demand billing model.

It’s All About Simplicity!

Use Cases

Our customers use our the Hosted OpenNebula service mostly for:


Hybrid cloud combining cloud resources with on-premises


Orchestration of continuum multi-cloud


Building geo-distributed edge cloud environments


Environments for testing and development


Addressing compliance regulations


Building DR/HA architectures across zones


Try OpenNebula Hosted Now!

OpenNebula Edgify is currently available as a technology preview service for evaluation and PoC purposes.


Complete the Form to request your hosted OpenNebula


Deploy your first Edge Cluster on your favorite provider


Launch VMs and Kubernetes clusters


OpenNebula Edgify is currently available as a technology preview service for evaluation and PoC purposes.

 OpenNebula Systems offers support subscriptions and professional services that provide corporate users with everything they might need for the evaluation, deployment, and management of their OpenNebula Cloud in a production environment.

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This work has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement ONEedge 880412 🇪🇺

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