Evaluate OpenNebula

Evaluate OpenNebula in 4 easy ways. From building your own cloud in 5 minutes to hiring our PoC services


Get Started with OpenNebula

Looking for an easy way to implement a small-scale OpenNebula cloud for development, testing or product evaluation? Now, in just a few minutes, you can install a single-node open source cloud using miniONE or build a cloud on top of an existing VMware vCenter using vOneCloud.


Deploy a front-end on VMware or KVM


Automatically deploy an OpenNebula edge cluster on AWS


Learn the basics of cloud operations


Execute and manage VMs and Kubernetes clusters

Enterprise Cloud Made Simple

Evaluating OpenNebula just got 3 times easier. You can request a demo with one of the OpenNebula engineers, or request a PoC with a hosted OpenNebula at your disposal, or even contracting our services to help build and run a PoC of your own.

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Request a Demo

Discuss your needs and use case with our experts

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Request a Hosted PoC

Use a hosted, fully managed OpenNebula instance

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Hire our Services

Let us help you build a PoC on-premises or on-cloud

These product trials are not intended for production use and include access to the latest and previous versions of the product. OpenNebula Systems may provide an Enterprise Edition Subscription for evaluation purposes subject to the terms of the Evaluation Agreement. If you use the OpenNebula Subscription for any purpose other than evaluation, you agree to pay OpenNebula the Subscription Fee(s) pursuant to the Subscription Agreement.

Bringing Real Freedom to Your Enterprise Cloud

If you are looking for a powerful, but easy-to-use, open source platform for your enterprise private, hybrid or edge cloud infrastructure, you are at the right place.

Welcome to OpenNebula, the Cloud & Edge Computing Platform that unifies public cloud simplicity and agility with private cloud performance, security and control. OpenNebula brings flexibility, scalability, simplicity, and vendor independence to support the growing needs of your developers and DevOps practices.

Your Enterprise Cloud journey starts here! 🚀