OpenNebula Subscriptions

An Annual OpenNebula Subscription opens the gate to stability and excellence within your OpenNebula cloud infrastructure.

An OpenNebula Subscription provides access to our Enterprise Edition—a more tested, hardened version of OpenNebula especially suitable for mission-critical deployments and production environments. It also unlocks additional benefits for Corporate Users, including access to expert SLA-based support, to exclusive Knowledge Base contents, to maintenance packages, to LTS releases, and to the Professional Services provided by OpenNebula Systems engineers


Enterprise Edition

Access to our Enterprise Edition packages and Enterprise Tools.


SLA-based Support

Secure and private support options under a commercial SLA.

ICON SUBSCRIPTION professional services

Professional Services

Access to OpenNebula Systems engineering and consulting services.

ICON SUBSCRIPTION knowledge base

Knowledge Base

Access to exclusive contents, tutorials, and critical notifications.

Subscription Plans

Based on your needs, we offer three types of enterprise OpenNebula subscriptions, with prices starting from


* Response time varies based on the severity 
** For Severity 1 & 2

Exclusive Enterprise Features

Here are some features that are included in the Enterprise Edition of OpenNebula, and made available exclusively to subscribing customers.

Advanced Monitoring - OpenNebula Exclusive Enterprise Features

Advanced Monitoring

Novel integration of Prometheus for enterprise monitoring, combined with new Grafana dashboards for optimal observability.

Enterprise Backup - OpenNebula Exclusive Eneterprise Features

Enterprise Backup

Integration with restic for incremental backups offering features like deduplication, compression, backup encryption, and multi-stream transfers.

Web Hosting Billing - OpenNebula Exclusive Enterprise Features

Web Hosting Billing

Integration with WHMCS to customize nearly every aspect of the shopping, checkout, and billing processes providing your users with an experience unique to your product.

Enterprise Tools - OpenNebula Exclusive Enterprise Features

Enterprise Tools

Configuration Management, Support Utilities and Migration packages to simplify upgrade and troubleshooting of your production cloud.

Enterprise Support Add-ons

Support extensions that expand the scope of the supported software components and the level of support.


Hosted Cloud

Avoid having to deal with management,maintenance or future upgrade costs for your OpenNebula cloud.

Telco NFV/Edge Integrated Platform

Telco NFV / Edge Integrated Platform

Support for distributed NFV/Edge with embedded Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Mission Critical Support

Mission Critical Support

Highest level of support that includes mission-critical SLA with guaranteed response and restoration times.

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