If you are creating a cloud on KVM, VMware vCenter, LXD or AWS Firecracker, you can build OpenNebula from the source code or download the packages for your favorite Linux distribution. You can always evaluate OpenNebula first by using vOneCloud—our virtual appliance for VMware vSphere—or miniONE—our deployment tool for installing a single-node KVM, LXD or Firecraker cloud inside a virtual machine or physical host.

If you are a corporate user with an active OpenNebula Subscription, you will have access to our Enterprise Edition—a more tested, hardened version of OpenNebula especially suitable for mission-critical deployments and production environments—and to a series of enterprise tools to simplify upgrades and the maintenance of your OpenNebula cloud. Please check your private repository or the announcements section at the OpenNebula Customer Portal:

Latest Series 5 Community Edition Firework

July, 16 2020

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Do You Already Have an Established VMware Environment?

We recommend you try vOneCloud, our CentOS Linux virtual appliance for vSphere that contains all required OpenNebula services and is optimized to work on existing VMware vCenter deployments.



Access more than 40 virtual service appliances ready to deploy and with all the necessary packages already installed.

  • Ubuntu 19.10

    Ubuntu 19.10 image for KVM, LXD and vCenter.

  • Service Kubernetes

    Appliance with preinstalled Kubernetes for KVM hosts.

  • Service GitLab CE

    Appliance with preinstalled GitLab CE for KVM hosts.

  • Service WordPress

    Appliance with preinstalled WordPress for KVM hosts.

Integration with Infrastructure Tools

The OpenNebula Project includes a growing number of extensions and plug-ins developed by OpenNebula Systems, its partners, and the broader community. These are some examples of successful integrations with other open source platforms and third-party technologies:

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