Kubernetes on OpenNebula

The easy way to deploy Kubernetes clusters

on premise, on a public cloud, or at the edge!

Kubernetes on OpenNebula

OpenNebula Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes is a powerful open source engine for orchestrating containers at scale. OpenNebula brings support for the deployment of Kubernetes clusters through the OneKE virtual appliance, available from the OpenNebula Public Marketplace. OneKE (OpenNebula Kubernetes Engine) is an enterprise-grade, CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that simplifies the provisioning, operation, and lifecycle management of Kubernetes. Now you can run any type of containerized application on your OpenNebula cloud using a single toolsetβ€”on premise, on a public cloud, or at the edge!

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OneKE Virtual Appliance

Our CNCF-certified virtual appliance is based on SUSE Rancher’s RKE2, and comes with HA and multi-master features, Canal CNI networking, the Longhorn distributed storage, and the MetalLB bare-metal load balancer.


Why Kubernetes on OpenNebula?

OpenNebula incorporates OneKE, OpenNebula’s Kubernetes management solution. In less than 5 minutes, you can configure and deploy an HA Kubernetes cluster, complete with persistent storage for stateful applications. OneKE simplifies Kubernetes management across the entire lifecycle, provides a consistent and secure experience from the data center to the edge, and fast-tracks your way to production-ready Kubernetes. Enjoy a push-button simplicity while preserving a native user experience!


Automated Multicluster Operations

Simplify operations and automate lifecycle management of large-scale, multicluster K8s environments, and keep your workloads properly isolated


Centralized Management for All Workloads

Encompass K8s clusters within other virtualized workloads using a single control layer to reduce complexity, consumption and operating costs


Kubernetes as a Service

Build a multi-tenant self-service environment for the execution of K8s clusters on a shared physical infrastructure


Enhanced Security

Enhance security thanks to the additional layer provided by hardware virtualization to isolate resources pools on the same host


Fast Deployment on any Infrastructure

Automatically deploy in minutes and manage multiple K8s clusters across on-premises, edge and cloud locations to enable large-scale container orchestration


No Provider Lock-in

Deliver a native K8s user experience with open APIs anywhere, with the configuration that you want and following the same process

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Enterprise Kubernetes Made Simple

Commercial Services

Β OpenNebula Systems offers support subscriptions and professional services that provide corporate users with everything they might need for the evaluation, deployment, and management of their OpenNebula Cloud in a production environment.


OpenNebula Systems is a proud member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the Linux Foundation community hosting Kubernetes and other critical open source components of the global technology infrastructure.