R&D for Building the Next-Generation Cloud

Thanks to Research, Development, and Innovation, OpenNebula Systems is opening up the cloud & edge computing market, supporting global digitalization and democratizing access to strategic deep technologies.

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Real Impact Through Open Source Innovation

OpenNebula Systems partners with leading universities, research institutions, and companies worldwide to collaborate on R&D and innovation projects, from smart serverless computing to AI-enabled energy efficiency at the 5G Telco edge.



Pushing the boundaries for building the next generation cloud-edge continuum.


Use Cases

Solving research and technology challenges in real cloud edge environments.



Collaborating with the main industry stakeholders in shaping the future of cloud computing.



Consolidating a community of partners in research, development, and innovation.

Research & Innovation Projects

We actively collaborate with leading companies and public organizations in the research and development of the open source software that enables the emergence of innovative data-driven business models and new digital public services based on the cloud-edge continuum.
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ACTIVE PROJECT (2024-2028)

IPCEI on Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services

Cloud service providers, Telecom/5G operators, and technology companies from 12 EU member states, including OpenNebula Systems, are joining forces around a highly strategic open source project aimed at creating Europe’s future multi-provider cloud-edge continuum.

Role: Direct Participant & Coordinator of the OSMOP.EU Integration Hub

Program: NextGenerationEU / UNICO IPCEI (Spanish Government)

Budget: 1.2 billion EUR

NEXUS FORUM innovation project opennebula 1

ACTIVE PROJECT (2024-2026)

Consolidating Research & Policy along the Cognitive Computing Continuum

Building up on the successful organisation of the first NexusForum Summit (Brussels, 5 & 6 October 2023), OpenNebula Systems plays a key role in this Coordination & Support Action (CSA) as leaders of the Work Package on Stakeholders’ Engagement and Community Building and acting as the main connection between the project consortium and the EU industry ecosystem involved in the IPCEI-CIS and in the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud.

Role: Participant

Program: Horizon Europe

Budget: 1,999,500 EUR

ONEedge5G innovation project opennebula

ACTIVE PROJECT (2024-2025)

Intelligence and Automation for the Operation of Distributed Edge Systems on 5G Advanced Infrastructures

OpenNebula will be the key open source technology in this unique project whose aim is to conduct research on Artificial Intelligence techniques and Zero-Touch resource management methods for the efficient deployment and operation of distributed 5G/6G edge environments.

Role: Single Beneficiary

Program: NextGenerationEU / UNICO I+D 6G (Spanish Government)

Budget: 1,840,000 EUR

HELIX EMERALD innovation project opennebula

ACTIVE PROJECT (2023-2026)

Evidence Management for Continuous Certification as a Service in the Cloud

OpenNebula will be used to facilitate the process of assessing the overall security of cloud services both on-premise and also across the cloud-edge continuum, providing an integrated way to manage cybersecurity and compliance requirements in highly-regulated sectors such as Banking & Finance.

Role: Participant

Program: Horizon Europe

Budget: 5,498,900 EUR

COGNIT innovation project opennebula 1

ACTIVE PROJECT (2023-2025)

A Cognitive Serverless Framework for the Cloud-Edge Continuum

Led by OpenNebula Systems, the COGNIT project will provide a new AI-powered Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) paradigm for edge application management and smart orchestration, changing how applications and services are deployed and executed along the cloud-edge continuum.

Role: Project Coordinator

Program: Horizon Europe

Budget: 5,962,092 EUR

6G SANDBOX innovation project opennebula 1

ACTIVE PROJECT (2023-2025)

Smart Networks and Services Experimental Infrastructure

OpenNebula is being used in this project as a core open source technology to build a complete and modular facility for the European experimentation ecosystem, supporting the next generation technology and research validation processes needed in the pathway towards 6G.

Role: Participant

Program: SNS Joint Undertaking

Budget: 8,546,551 EUR

ONEEDGE innovation project opennebula 1


A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution

This project has helped to turn OpenNebula into a powerful edge computing platform that provides companies with a unique open source solution for building their own Edge-as-a-Service environments by aggregating private and public cloud/edge infrastructure resources.

Role: Single Beneficiary

Program: EIC Accelerator

Budget: 2,143,735 EUR

HELIX NEBULA Innovation project


Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud

This project, coordinated by CERN, brought together commercial cloud service providers, publicly funded e-Infrastructures and the buyers’ in-house resources to build a hybrid cloud platform on top of which a competitive marketplace of European cloud players could develop their own services for a wider range of users.

Role: Technology Provider

Program: Horizon 2020

Budget: 6,770.127 EUR

BEACON innovation project opennebula 1


Enabling Federated Cloud Networking

This project used OpenNebula in the process of researching and developing innovative techniques for federating cloud network resources, and for defining the integrated management cloud layer needed to deploy federated cloud applications in a efficient and secure manner.

Role: Participant

Program: Horizon 2020

Budget: 3,570,250 EUR

Research Contracts

We also support top-ranking RTOs in those research and development tasks aimed at implementing innovative open source technologies able to address the most critical challenges associated with the deployment of next-generation edge cloud architectures.


Building an ecosystem for the research and development of Massive Digital Twining at the hyper-distributed Edge of the network for B5G/6G networks.

Funded by NextGenerationEU and the Spanish Government through the UNICO I+D 5G Avanzado & 6G program.

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The main objective is the design and prototype of 6G enablers based on Artificial Intelligence, distributed ledger technologies, and cybersecurity.

Funded by NextGenerationEU and the Spanish Government through the UNICO I+D 5G Avanzado & 6G program.



This innovation project is focused on supporting the execution of FaaS environments across a highly distributed cloud-edge continuum.

Funded by NextGenerationEU and the Spanish Government through the UNICO I+D Cloud program.

Innovative Use Cases

We are collaborating with many companies in multiple industries to solve the technological challenges of incorporating edge resources and microDCs as part of their corporate infrastructures and services, and of defining innovative business models and go-to-market strategies.

Antenna Towers


Helping telco operators meet their Multi-access Edge Computing, RAN, and NFV requirements.



Implementing Industry 4.0 strategies using smart and energy-efficient on-premise IoT/edge resources.



Managing the secure deployment of edge applications on resource-constrained, mobile enviroments.



Supporting new business cases implemented by green cloud/edge infrastructure providers.



Helping connectivity providers design and commercialize new Edge-as-a-Service solutions

Home and Retail

Home & Retail

Solving the challenges of managing hundreds of thousands of highly-distributed IoT/edge locations.

Open Collaboration Initiatives

As part of the ever-growing open source community, both in Europe and globally, we also collaborate with various initiatives that help strengthen the cloud edge computing space.

EU Cloud Alliance

An initiative launched in 2021 by the European Commission and aimed at fostering collaboration between the EU industry and member states in defining together Europe’s future investment roadmap for cloud and edge technologies. OpenNebula Systems chairs the Cloud/Edge Working Group.


Gaia-X Association

The common goal of this initiative is to create a sovereign, federated data infrastructure, able to provide interoperability between different data services. OpenNebula Systems joined the Gaia-X Association as Day-1 Member in 2020, and is also a member of the Lighthouse Project Structura-X.



A community of European open source companies leading the innovation and development of some of the most popular and mature cloud and edge technologies in the market. OpenNebula Systems coordinates this initiative, and its associated R&D projects, since its foundation in 2021.


Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation brings together hundreds of tech companies and is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware. OpenNebula Systems supports this global open source community as a Silver Member.



Sponsored by the Linux Foundation, the CNCF is a vendor-neutral initiative focused on the advance of Kubernetes and other open source container technologies, fostering collaboration between developers and end-users. OpenNebula Systems supports this global community as a Silver Member.


LF Edge

LF Edge is a Linux Foundation initiative focused on fostering cross-industry collaboration across IoT, telecom, enterprise, and cloud ecosystems, facilitating the adoption of open source edge computing technologies. OpenNebula Systems supports these efforts as a General Member.



Actively supported by the European Commission, the EOSC is creating a  digital platform for the EU scientific community, providing seamless access to data and cloud infrastructure services. OpenNebula Systems supports this project as an Observer Member of the EOSC Association.



The 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association is the voice of the European industry and innovation community for next-gen networks and services, and its primary objective is to contribute to Europe’s leadership on 5G and 6G research. OpenNebula Systems is a Full Member of the organization.


OpenForum Europe

OFE is a not-for-profit organization launched in 2002 to accelerate, broaden, and strengthen the use of open source software and open standards in business and government. OpenNebula Systems supports these efforts through an annual sponsorship of the EU Open Source Policy Summit.

Innovation Partnerships

These are some of the companies and organizations we collaborate with:
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