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Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference

Ruben S. Montero

Lead Cloud Engineer & Chief Architect at OpenNebula

May 15, 2008

This week we (Javier Fontan and me) are attending the Open Source Grid Conference. The conference overall is being great, and I feel that in general the audience is more active than that of a more paper oriented type of meeting. We have had the opportunity to talk to some GridWay users and discuss with them future directions and new features for the meta-scheduler. Also, there has been a couple of session tracks devoted to virtualization with some quite interesting presentations (you can get the slides from the conference site). In one of these sessions we performed a demo of the OpenNebula TP, where we demonstrated an use case: the dynamic provision of a SGE cluster… Fortunately everything worked out fine, and we also got very interesting feedback from some of the attendees.

Photo from the GridWay Tutorial at the Open Source Grid and Cluster Conference 😉

Ruben S. Montero


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