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Learn more from some of our users’ experience about how they are putting OpenNebula to work! See how its flexibility and simplicity, its true hybrid and edge capabilities, along with its compatibility with other open source platforms and third-party technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible and Terraform make it the ideal versatile solution for complex environments, no matter the industry.

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Empowering Millions with Financial Aptitude and Might

OpenNebula Case Study - EveryMatrix Cover Image (2)


Ticking All The Boxes for an Enterprise Gaming Solution

CEWE Case Study - OpenNebula


Europe’s Leading Photo Service and Online Printing Supplier

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Innovation and Excellence for a Modern University

Ooma Post pic


A Painless Shift to Virtualization

qt company case study

The Qt Company

OpenNebula for C/I – Running over 4 million VMs per year

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Develop a Custom Cloud Under the Apache License

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A Multinational “Keeping Things Moving” with OpenNebula

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Flemish Government

Open Source to Spur Agile Digital Governments

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