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As a company that has helped shape the Internet Gaming industry over the last decade and a half, EveryMatrix has shown a knack for smart investment and innovation, as well as a forward-thinking approach to growth and company acquisitions. Similarly, technology and the need to remain competitive and innovative in the ever-advancing market have been at the root of their success. As an enterprise customer of OpenNebula, they have been able to build a reliable and dynamic framework to support their delivery of a modular iGaming integration platform.

However, like many organizations seeking to find the right solution and to fill existing gaps that typically bleed value and efficiency, EveryMatrix set off in 2021 to explore OpenNebula and put it to the test. At that time, they lacked an enterprise private cloud solution that could provide them with the reliability which would support their business model. Specifically, they were struggling with a solution that generated lead times for delivering infrastructure for various business initiatives that were simply too high to meet growing demand. Additionally, from an efficiency perspective and being able to take full advantage of their infrastructure, they struggled with generally low resource utilization.


With OpenNebula being an open source solution, after having done some initial research and analysis, EveryMatrix took full advantage of being able to very quickly get their hands on the software, implement it in their own development environment and put it to some hard testing. What they were able to do soon thereafter was start building a private enterprise cloud solution that has served their business and enabled them to continue their trajectory toward continued growth. At the moment, EveryMatrix is running over 50 KVM hosts with over 1000 VMs in execution. And with an infrastructure of more than 5000 cores, 35 TB of Ram and 500 TB of storage available, one of the critical goals has been to be able to improve resource utilization and cost efficiency.

They have been able to successfully consolidate their resources into one single pool, and in addition, to notably improve their resource management and cost efficiency, they have also been able to greatly reduce the delivery time of infrastructure services for their development teams. EveryMatrix has also deployed production Kubernetes clusters with OpenNebula which were configured with autoscaling worker nodes, which has greatly helped in coping with bursts in traffic and demand.

EveryMatrix is a Premium Subscriber, with a long-term vision for the future including plans to expand their private cloud to multiple data centers, as well as to further increase usage of autoscaling outside of Kubernetes, and even explore the possibilities of multi-cloud deployment with OpenNebula.

Why OpenNebula?

“We were looking for a virtualization solution that is reliable, can offer high availability on every level and which can be used for auto scaling our workloads. Our plan was to consolidate both existing and new compute resources and storage infrastructures into one private cloud, making better use of the underlying resources and improving delivery times of services. And OpenNebula ticked all the boxes.”

Alexandru Bello, Head of Infrastructure


About EveryMatrix

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EveryMatrix is a leading B2B provider delivering iGaming software, solutions, content and services for casino, sports betting, payments, and affiliate/agent management to Tier-1 operators. They provide a highly modular, scalable, and compliant platform, allowing operators to choose the optimal EveryMatrix solution depending on their needs and existing in-house technology and capabilities.

EveryMatrix empowers clients to unleash bold ideas and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets. The company has 700 employees across ten countries and serves 150+ customers worldwide, including the regulated U.S. market. EveryMatrix is an active member of the World Lottery Association, European Lotteries Association, and iDEA Growth in the U.S.

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