The Department of Environment and Spatial Planning (dOMG) is part of the Ministries of the Flemish Government taking care of policymaking for spatial planning, for environmental permits, integrated impact, assessment, and dealing with environmental and building permits, policy evaluation, enforcement of environmental regulation.

Brussels, Belgium


Thanks to OpenNebula, we managed to realize a dual datacenter setup with 2 availability zones per datacenter.

Tom Van Gulck, Senior Advisor


The Department of Environment and Spatial Planning has been using OpenNebula for the last 5 years, with almost 800 deployments every week, 4 clusters (6 compute hosts each), 4 Storage clusters (Ceph +/-400 TB each) and 2000 VM’s and counting (of which 500 are Postgres DB’s).  

The Department of They were facing some issues due to the closed source solution they were using:

  • Hardware vendor lock-in
  • Unable to scale the solution horizontally
  • High costs due to expensive license and support
  • Complex configuration with unacceptable DR times

To escape from this situation they decided to look for a more scalable solution for storage and compute with the following characteristics:

  • Automatization (infra as code)
  • Self-service for Dev teams
  • Mix and mingle of hardware
  • Avoid hardware vendor lock-in
  • On-premises redundant cloud setup
  • Over datacenter failover
  • Shorten DR times

The Agency finally chose OpenNebula for several compelling reasons:

  • It’s an open-source software
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Professional design and installation delivery

In summary, they learned quite easily that OpenNebula would solve their previous issues. Moreover, the enterprise subscription has provided the accessibility and support for making their solution successful. 

OpenNebula has fully met their expectations. “We managed to realize a dual datacenter setup with 2 availability zones per datacenter”, said Tom Van Gulck, Senior Advisor at the Department of Environment and Spatial Planning.


“OpenNebula and Rancher is the combination we are going for,” assured Tom Van Gulck. “An integration of those two products would come in handy for us”. Such is its confidence in OpenNebula that the dOMG is using all the commercial services provided by OpenNebula.

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