Partner Ecosystem

OpenNebula Partner Ecosystem

Because no two data centers are the same and infrastructure environments are diverse, the OpenNebula ecosystem of service and technology providers help you design, integrate, deploy and operate the best cloud architecture for your workload, processes and IT infrastructure environment.

OpenNebula providers are focused on your success, helping you take full advantage of all the benefits that OpenNebula has to offer and achieve your business objectives.

Services offered by our partners complement the OpenNebula Systems support subscriptions, which bring access to an enterprise repository with hotfix releases and enterprise tools only available for customers; services add-ons for cloud deployment, verification and upgrade; and commercial support with SLAs.

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logo amazon 700x300 1

Amazon Web Services provides a reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of enterprise, government, and businesses in 190 countries globally. AWS offers services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

logo azure 700x300 1

Microsoft Azure is the cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting, and service management environment for the Azure Services Platform. Microsoft Azure provides developers on-demand compute and storage to create, host and manage scalable and available web applications through Microsoft data centers.

logo vm ware 700x300 1

VMware Cloud on AWS enables customers to run, manage and secure applications in a production-ready, simple and consistent hybrid IT environment. The service enables organizations to continue using existing VMware tools to manage VMware Cloud on AWS environments without having to purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating models.

logo packet 700x300 1

Packet, from its global bare-metal public cloud, to its fully on-premises software solution, is a leader in providing Could and Edge-Computing infrastructure. Packet provides full and complete access to physical infrastructure, support a broad variety of advanced networking features, and can deploy their technology almost anywhere.

logo intel 700x300 1

The Intel® Network Builders Edge Ecosystem focuses on accelerating network edge solutions, and aims to facilitate partners’ access to tested and optimized solutions for network edge and cloud environments. The Intel Network Builders Edge Ecosystem highlights the industry leaders, like OpenNebula, that are driving the development, deployment, and adoption of edge-centric technologies.


logo vmware partner 2 700x300 1

VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the data center. Customers of all sizes rely on VMware to reduce capital and operating expenses, ensure business continuity, strengthen security, and go green.

logo redhat partner 700x300 1

Red Hat is the world’s leading open source solutions provider. It provides high-quality, low-cost technology with its operating system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with applications, management and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions.

logo ubuntu partner 700x300 1

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu and LXD containers, is a global organization headquartered in Europe committed to the development, distribution, and support of open-source software products and communities in perfect alignment with OpenNebula.

logo storpool partner 700x300 1

StorPool is software-defined storage solution. It is intelligent software that runs on standard hardware – servers, drives, network – and turns them into high-performance storage system. StorPool replaces traditional storage arrays, all-flash arrays or other inferior storage software (SDS 1.0 solutions).

logo linbit partner 700x300 1

LINBIT SDS is a high performing Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution using Linux OS for shared block storage which integrates with OpenNebula. With it common-off-the-shelf hardware is turned into blazingly fast, reliable block storage.

logo terraform 700x300 1

Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently – an “Infrastructure as Code” solution that allows you to create a blueprint of your datacenter to be versioned and treated as you would any other code. Use Terraform with OpenNebula for simple, efficient infrastructure management.

logo sep partner 700x300 1

SEP is the backup and recovery software vendor for virtual and physical environments, taking care of customers across 50 countries. SEP’s hybrid backup solution SEP sesam protects 6 hypervisors and a portfolio of operating systems, applications, groupware and databases based on a variety of processor architectures.

provider catalog THREEFOLD

ThreeFold is decentralizing the Internet by tapping into the combined processing power of computers worldwide to create an open source, peer-to-peer, carbon-negative Internet for the deployment of any current and future technology. The ThreeFold Grid has achieved 86+ petabytes of capacity, 69K+ CPU cores, and distribution in 80+ countries.

Storware Logo
Storware offers enterprise-ready backup & recovery systems for virtual machines, containers, applications, MS Office 365 data, and Endpoints. Their offerings include backup and recovery for virtual machines, applications, containers, cloud instances, databases, and endpoints.

Solution Providers

logo nts partner 700x300 1

Netzwerk Telekom Service AG (NTS) provides a solution concept (NTS CAPTAIN), powered by OpenNebula at its base, that offers an innovative self-service platform to organize the data center workloads. It is installed directly onto the customer’s own hardware, followed by individually implementing complex scenarios which the customer wants to install. In the end, it enables customers to carry out a fully automatic provision of virtual machines, according to their own corporate standards – and all that within only a few minutes.

logo storpool partner 700x300 1

StorPool is software-defined storage solution. It is intelligent software that runs on standard hardware – servers, drives, network – and turns them into high-performance storage system. And in addition to being a technology partner of OpenNebula, StorPool provides a completely Managed Cloud Service to customers, on OpenNebula-supported platforms.

logo bit partner 700x300 1

BIT is an ISP and data center in The Netherlands, and is specialised in colocation, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for corporate internet users, with a focus on superb quality and customisation with innovation as the motivation. BIT has a strong relation with the open source community and hosts, for example, the official Dutch and IPv6 mirror of the Ubuntu repositories. BIT uses OpenNebula to manage their (private) cloud offerings.

logo sharxdc partner 700x300 1

SharxDC Base is a scalable hyperconverged virtualization platform. This platform is an integrated solution with a complete management system based on OpenNebula – a distributed software defined storage based on SSD/NVMe drives and a monitoring subsystem that cover all hardware and software components.

FullStackS GmbH Logo b

FullStackS is a trusted partner that ensures the digital transformation of your business. They create the breeding ground for innovation through automation. With and through OpenNebula they leverage synergies for their customers.

logo virtalus partner 700x300 1

Virtalus architects and deploys private and public hyper-converged cloud infrastructure solutions, leveraging OpenNebula as part of the HyperCX stack, while providing services to organizations around the world, including in the US, Mexico, Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

OpenNebula Solution provider partner - Iguane Solutions

Iguane Solutions, hosting and outsourcing experts, offers the most efficient technical combination of the market among infrastructure management and DevOps consulting on public, hybrid or private clouds. OpenNebula is the core technology powering their mutualized IG1 Cloud and customers’ dedicated Private clouds.


logo computer port it solutions partner 700x300 1

Computer Port IT Solutions implements OpenNebula Private and Hybrid Cloud deployments, among other Linux based solutions like 2Factor Authentication Solutions, Mail Archiving Solutions, SysLog Servers, Virtual Tape Library Solutions.

logo os3 infotech partner 700x300 1

OS3 Infotech focuses on technology innovation that delivers real value and cost savings quickly. And with OpenNebula, they serve just about any IT virtualization and cloud deployment need and can implement a strong, secure IT foundation for compliance and corporate governance.


Kontron Logo - OpenNebula Partner

Kontron AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Industry 4.0 and IoT-technologies and IT systems. Kontron AG has offices located in more than 25 countries. Customers in a wide variety of sectors place their trust in the technologies and professional services provided by Kontron.

Kontron Logo - OpenNebula Partner

IDB specializes in creating and marketing advanced, reliable VoIP Systems for Telecom, Internet, and Mobile Service Providers, as well as Cable Operators and Enterprises.

logo informology partner 700x300 1

Informology is an IT solution provider, offering consultation, training, software/application development, IT hardware, data center, recovery center solutions and services, with 20 years experience of consulting and implementing ICT projects in Government/Public Sector.

Omnis Cloud Logo - OpenNebula Partner

Omnis Cloud is a cloud service provider that delivers cloud solutions based on open source platforms allowing private and public sector organizations to take back control of their data.

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