Seamless Migration From VMware to OpenNebula

March 20, 2024 @ 5pm CET

Kubernetes webinar in collaboration with SUSE

About this Webinar

Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn how to streamline your migration from VMware vCenter to a KVM-based OpenNebula-managed cloud, ensuring minimal impact during the transition.

Migrating your cloud deployment is a complex process that demands thorough planning and execution. It involves assessing your existing infrastructure and workloads, evaluating compatibility and interoperability between platforms, and developing a migration plan that minimizes disruption to operations. Additionally, data migration, application compatibility, and networking considerations are essential aspects of the migration process.

In this webinar, we will unveil a structured process that ensures a smooth transition, guiding you through the essential considerations and elements to monitor during such migrations. OpenNebula is also announcing a new commercial service with migration tools and expert services for seamless migration from VMware. The process will specifically target the conversion of VMs running in vCenter to OpenNebula. We are developing new automated conversion tools that eliminate the manual effort traditionally associated with transitioning VMs between vCenter and OpenNebula environments. The new tools automatically convert VM image formats and seamlessly inject the requisite OpenNebula contextualization packages and virtio drivers.


What to expect from this webinar?

  • Learn about the best practices, features, and infrastructure capabilities of OpenNebula to transition from a VMware to a KVM-based OpenNebula cloud.
  • Uncover essential considerations and elements to monitor during such migrations.
  • Preview of the new tools that OpenNebula is building to enable automated conversion of VMware VMs to OpenNebula VMs.

This webinar will be conducted by Francisco Picolini (Open Source Community Manager), with presentations by Alberto Picón Couselo (Principal Technologist for Cloud-Edge Engineering).

Press and media, please contact: events@opennebula.io

ℹ️ OpenNebula has just released a new White Paper that summarizes best migration practices and guides organizations to successfully migrate from a VMware environment to an OpenNebula cloud ecosystem, unlocking benefits such as increased simplicity, flexibility, and technology agnosticism, avoiding vendor lock-in as well as achieving cost savings and scalability in their cloud infrastructure.