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Hyper-V Drivers for OpenNebula 3.2 Released

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Mar 15, 2012

The OpenNebula Project is pleased to announce the release, as a new plugin in the ecosystem, of the OpenNebula 3.2 drivers to build clouds on Microsoft Hyper-V. From the release in October 2011 of a first integration prototype, we have been working with some of our users to improve the stability of the integration prototype and to incorporate more functionality. In February 2012, we released a development version with enhanced performance and scalability thanks to its integration with technologies commonly available in Windows environments, like Windows Remote Management. This latest release of the Hyper-V drivers for OpenNebula 3.2 additionally brings new features, such us direct connection to Windows Servers nodes without requiring a proxy machine, improvement of CDROM contextualization mechanism, and support for SCSI hard disks.

The new components are available for download under the Apache license from the Hyper-V page of the OpenNebula ecosystem. The OpenNebula project provides support for the deployment and tuning of the new drivers through its ecosystem mailing list.

This development is a new result of our collaboration with Microsoft on innovation and interoperability in cloud computing. In January 2012, we announced the continuation of this collaboration aimed at bringing the existing OpenNebula HyperV interoperability to a more stable version and to enhance its features.



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