OpenNebula Subscription

Buy an OpenNebula Subscription

Please, complete this form if you are a Corporate User interested in purchasing a 12-month OpenNebula Subscription for only one zone (a “zone” corresponds to 1 OpenNebula instance).


The subscription pricing model is composed of two key components: 1) the type of front-end deployment, and 2) the type and number of the managed nodes. The combination of these two key components forms a subscription price.


Please, contact us if any of these scenarios apply to you:

  • You are planning to run several instances in a federated environment. A progressive discount is applied for additional zones within the same administrative domain and we offer flat fee subscriptions for unlimited zones and servers within the same administrative domain.
  • You will have different types of hypervisors within the same zone.
  • You are planning to grow beyond 50 hypervisors. Special prices are applicable for larger infrastructures with more than 50 nodes. The maximum number of servers that can be managed within a single front-end (zone) strongly depends on the performance and scalability of the underlying platform infrastructure. The scalability of OpenNebula has been thoroughly tested with 10.000 VMs on 2.500 servers. Contact us to evaluate your infrastructure and the maximum number of servers we can commercially support.
  • Your infrastructure includes hybrid or elastic cloud features.
  • You are interested in our services, including value-added services like cloud deployment, upgrade and training.


If you are an existing OpenNebula Enterprise Customer and would like to add servers, upgrade, or renew your annual subscription, please contact your sales representative or open a new ticket through our Customer Portal.


For more details, please visit our OpenNebula Subscription FAQ section. You can also download our OpenNebula Subscription Guide and Support Policy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.


We look forward to welcoming you into our community of OpenNebula Enterprise Customers!