Community Champions

OpenNebula Champion Program

An OpenNebula Champion is someone with exemplary contributions to, and outstanding engagement with, the OpenNebula Community. Champions are passionate technology and community leaders with a special commitment to expand the project’s links with the open source ecosystem and increase the adoption of OpenNebula. Champions play an active role in sustaining and growing its user base, acting as liaisons between relevant open source projects and the OpenNebula Community.

Interested in becoming an OpenNebula Champion? 🤓 Visit the Champion Program section on GitHub.

Alberto Marti

Alejandro Huertas

Software Engineer @ Datadog

Alberto Marti

Álvaro Simón

HPC System Administrator @ UGent

Alberto Marti

Anton Todorov

Senior Development Engineer @ Storpool

Alberto Marti

Christian González

Software Development Engineer @ AWS

Alberto Marti

Daniel Dehennin

EOLE Developer @ French Ministry of Education

Alberto Marti

Jordi Guijarro

Cyber Security Innovation Manager @ i2CAT Foundation

Alberto Marti

Kenneth Van Alstyne

CTO @ SoftIron

Alberto Marti

Philipp Reisner


Alberto Marti

Sebastian Mangelkramer

CEO @ FullStackS

Alberto Marti

Stefan Kooman

SysAdmin @ BIT


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