OpenNebula 6.6 ‘Electra’ is Here!

Boosting Support for Day-2 Cloud Operations

OpenNebula 6.6 ‘Electra’ is the fourth stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series. This new release comes packed with new functionality, mostly focused on equipping and supporting Day-2 operations for production deployments.

Version 6.6 brings key features and integrations that are designed to afford robust and simple maintenance, monitoring, and optimization for your enterprise cloud, including a new integration of Prometheus, a fully revamped native backup solution, and a series of exciting improvements for network management 🤩

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Any application

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Any Cloud

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OpenNebula 6.6 – Main New Features


Advanced Monitoring (⭐)

Novel integration of Prometheus for enterprise monitoring, combined with new Grafana dashboards for optimal observability.


Backup Solution

New native support for incremental backups based on datastore backends and the development of new drivers for restic (⭐) and rsync.


Improved Networking

New features to meet the requirements of Telco Cloud operators, including several improvements for managing virtual networks and VNFs.

⭐ Exclusive features only available in OpenNebula Enterprise Edition

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