Upgrade OpenNebula

Upgrade Your OpenNebula Cloud

From OpenNebula 5.12 onwards, as part of our long-term sustainability strategy, the upgrades to the latest version are only available for Corporate Users with an active OpenNebula Subscription and for individuals or organizations with non-commercial deployments or with significant contributions to the OpenNebula Community.

 The OpenNebula Subscription provides you with everything you need to run your production environments reliably and securely: 

  • Enterprise Edition – We build a more tested, hardened, and production-ready version of OpenNebula for enterprise use.
  • Updates – We release private maintenance versions of the Enterprise Edition with bug fixes developed by OpenNebula Systems and software patches with minor enhancements.
  • Enterprise Tools – Our Enterprise Edition brings additional tools to simplify upgrade and maintenance of OpenNebula clouds in production environments.
  • SLA-based Support – Secure and private support options under a commercial SLA.
  • Professional Services – Access to OpenNebula Systems engineering and consulting services to streamline your cloud.
  • Exclusive Content – Access to exclusive contents, tutorials and critical notifications.
  • Assurance – We provide broad-based assurance in the form of warranty and indemnification.


If you are interested in an OpenNebula Subscription, please complete the form below to request a quote. If you have any questions or need further information, please visit our OpenNebula Subscription FAQ section or contact us.