Complete the following form to receive the migration packages needed to upgrade your OpenNebula cloud from the previous version. These migration packages can be used by organizations with non-commercial deployments or significant contributions to the OpenNebula Community under the terms of the OpenNebula Software License Agreement for Non-Commercial Use.

“You can use these packages if you are using OpenNebula to deploy a product or a system which (a) is not undertaken for profit, or (b) is not intended to produce works, services, or data for commercial use, or (c) is neither conducted, nor funded, by a person or an entity engaged in the commercial use, application or exploitation of works similar to the software”.

We offer an entry-level “Basic” OpenNebula Subscription providing access to our Enterprise Edition that should satisfy the needs of businesses and organizations that operate development and non-critical deployments, and apply discounts for Education, Government and Non-Profit institutions and for companies that participate in our Customer Reference Program.