OpenNebula 5.12 is here bearing the code-name “Firework”, highlighting its streamlined integration with AWS’ Firecracker in support of innovative serverless and containerized cloud deployments. 

Firecracker is an exciting tool widely used by Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilitating this swing towards managing loads of tiny virtual machines (micro-VMs) on a server.

OpenNebula 5.12 also comes with a new integration with the Docker Hub marketplace, permitting direct execution of Docker Hub images. Along with the new support for Firecracker micro-VMs, this integration opens up a new whole world of possibilities for application container orchestration.

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Main New Features

AWS Firecracker

Full support for Firecracker micro-VMs, the amazing new virtualization technology developed by AWS for its Fargate and Lambda services.

Docker Hub

Seamless integration with the Docker Hub Marketplace, permitting direct execution of Docker Hub images on any hypervisor in your OpenNebula cloud.

VMware NSX

Security Group integration opens the door to manage inbound/outbound network traffic, bearing the power of NSX right within OpenNebula.


Improved SPICE integration now provides new ways of remotely accessing your Virtual Machines through OpenNebula’s WebUI.


New automatic network creation functionality as well as extended batch operations bring dramatic reduction in service deployment times.

Monitoring Subsystem

Huge scalability improvements to support thousands of hosts and tens of thousands of VMs at cloud/edge locations and HA deployments.

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This work has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement ONEedge 880412.