OpenNebula 6.8 ‘Rosette’ is Here!

Advancing Virtualization Capabilities and Backup Efficiency

OpenNebula 6.8 ‘Rosette’ is the fifth stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series. This new release comes packed with new functionality, mostly focused on improving the end-user experience as well as optimizing the use of the HW resources in KVM-based infrastructures.

Version 6.8 is packed with essential features and integrations tailored for streamlined maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of your enterprise cloud. Noteworthy additions include the Virtual Data Center (VDC) and User tab in your FireEdge Sunstone, the introduction of backup jobs for creating a unified backup policy across multiple VMs, along with several improvements in the KVM drivers 🤩

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OpenNebula 6.8 – Main New Features


FireEdge Enhancements

Addition of Virtual Datacenter (VDC) & User Tab to FireEdge Sunstone, showcasing accounting & showback information



Backup Jobs

Using Backup Jobs, you can now manage and monitor unified backup policies for multiple VMs efficiently



Improved KVM Driver

With the updated KVM drivers, you can fine-tune CPU flags, optimize disks, customize VM video, & boost Windows performance


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