Speaker Agreement


This agreement outlines the mutual rights and obligations between OpenNebula Systems (ONE) and the Speaker to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

As Speaker,

  • I will receive admission discount to the event and no other remuneration.
  • I understand that the views and opinions expressed at the conference will be mine and not those of ONE. I agree that the use of any materials prepared by me will not expose ONE to liability for breach of confidence for infringement of copyright or similar liability.
  • In the unavoidable situation that I am unable to fulfill my commitment to speak, I will promptly notify the primary point of contact of the event via telephone/email so that ONE may find an alternate speaker for my session. If I violate the terms of this agreement or fail to meet any established deadlines, ONE reserves the right to replace me as a speaker with another speaker from my company or organization or from another company or organization.
  • I understand that the program tracks of the conference/event/chapter are an educational event, not a sales or marketing platform. I agree that my presentation(s) will be an objective review of the topic on which I am presenting, and will not contain any content that is a sales or promotional pitch for any specific product(s) or company(ies). My materials will also be reflective of the current status of the topic(s) I am addressing.
  • I agree that the information contained in my presentation(s) or related presentation materials (a) will be factual and not misleading, (b) will not violate any obligation of confidentiality that I (or my company or organization) has with any third party, (c) will not violate the intellectual property of any third party and (d) will not defame any third party.
  • If my session includes a presentation, I will use the Conference logo on it. I will submit to the ONE Event Leader my presentation(s) no later than 15 days prior to the conference. Should the presentation change after it has been submitted, I agree to notify the ONE Event Leader that the presentation has changed and I will submit the changed presentation as soon as feasible and at least 24 hours prior to my scheduled session(s).
  • I understand that ONE may record (audio and/or video) the conference proceedings, and, that my presentation could be included in any reproduction of the conference materials. I hereby authorize ONE to capture my presentation on audio/visual format or a combination thereof for presentation by ONE Conference Organizers. Accordingly, I grant ONE the right to: Reproduce and distribute the handout materials in any format including paper and electronic formats to any audience.
  • I will not receive any compensation for speaking at any ONE Event/Conference. This includes any travel expenses such as airfare, housing, or any other daily expenses incurred while attending any ONE Conference. I may use the handout materials, presentation, visual aids and any other material prepared by me for the above-mentioned presentation in any manner I desire, including publication.
  • The right on any changes of the program is reserved. The event may be cancelled due to not reaching the minimum number of participants two weeks prior to the event by ONE. Further ONE is reserving the right to cancel the event with short notice if extraordinary reasons out of his control are occurring. In these cases, entitlement to damages excluded.
  • The governing language of this Agreement, the Service, the Application and the Documentation is English.