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C12G Announces Enterprise-Class Distribution of OpenNebula 2.2

C12G Labs

May 16, 2011

C12G Labs announced today a major new release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise-class edition of the OpenNebula Toolkit. This is the third major release of the commercially supported, enterprise-ready distribution of the OpenNebula open-source toolkit, which is used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

OpenNebulaPro 2.2 offers a comprehensive solution for the management of virtualized data centers to enable private, public, hybrid (cloudbursting) and virtual private clouds. OpenNebulaPro 2.2 extends the fault-tolerance features of previous versions,  includes out-of-the-box integration with data-center’s monitoring systems, and brings the new Sunstone web application. C12G complements OpenNebulaPro 2.2 with additional tools to simplify the deployment and operation of Cloud instances and to help in the migration path from previous versions. As result of its certification process, it also provides a better integration with richer functionality on VMware and XenServer hypervisors.

OpenNebulaPro 2.2 includes state-of-the-art features developed to meet the requirements from High Performance Computing, Hosting and Telecom cloud environments. Telecom Operators can offer Virtual Private Cloud environments to extend the Private Clouds of their custormers over virtual private networks, so offering a more reliable and secure alternative to traditional Public Cloud providers. Supercomputing and leading research centers use OpenNebula to build clouds for hosting virtualized computational environments or for providing users with new “HPC as a service” resource provisioning models. Hosting providers are adopting OpenNebula to manage their infrastructure and to build new IaaS cloud offerings.



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