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C12G Labs Announces Enterprise-class Distribution of OpenNebula 2.0

C12G Labs

Dec 13, 2010

C12G Labs announced today a major new release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise-ready edition of the OpenNebula Toolkit. OpenNebula 2.0 is the most flexible and innovative enterprise-class cloud computing tool for managing a data center’s virtual infrastructure. This fully open-source toolkit includes production-ready features for integration, management, scalability, security and accounting that many enterprise IT shops need for private and hybrid cloud adoption. OpenNebulaPro includes the most recent thoroughly tested and quality-controlled version of OpenNebula and tested software extensions from the community (ecosystem and addons catalogs) for its operation in business environments.

OpenNebulaPro is provided under open-source license to customers and partners on an annual subscription basis through the new Support Portal. The subscription model brings several additional benefits in terms of long term support, production-level support with professional SLAs, integration support for optimal and scalable execution in any hardware and software combination, certification support to validate compatibility with complementary components and customizations, regular updates and upgrades, and additional tools for the administration of OpenNebula cloud instances in production environments.


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