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C12G Labs Announces the Release of OpenNebula Pro 3.2

C12G Labs

Jan 31, 2012

C12G Labs has just announced an update release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise edition of the OpenNebula Toolkit. OpenNebula 3.2, released two weeks ago, brings important benefits to cloud providers with a new easily-customizable self-service portal for cloud consumers, and builders with full support for VMware that now includes live migration, advanced contextualization and image management. The new release additionally included important enhancements in networking and security.

C12G delivers OpenNebulaPro for business, government, or other organizations looking for a hardened, certified, supported cloud platform. OpenNebulaPro combines the rapid innovation of open-source with the stability and long-term production support of commercial software. Compared to OpenNebula, the expert production and integration support of OpenNebulaPro and its higher stability increase IT productivity, speed time to deployment, and reduce business and technical risks.

OpenNebulaPro 3.2 integrates the most recent stable version of OpenNebula 3.2 with the bug, performance, and scalability patches developed by the community and by C12G for its customers and partners. Supported Linux distributions are RedHat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux Enterprise, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuse; supported hypervisors are VMware, KVM and Xen; and the supported cloud provider for cloudbursting is Amazon Web Services. OpenNebulaPro 3.2 is provided under open-source license to customers and partners on an annual subscription basis through the Support Portal.

C12G offers a 30-day, no-cost, and no-commitment trial of OpenNebulaPro with the services to assess its suitability and performance in your environment.


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