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C12G Labs Announces the Release of OpenNebula Pro 3.4

C12G Labs

May 9, 2012

C12G Labs has just announced an update release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise edition of OpenNebula. OpenNebula 3.4, released one month ago, features enhancements in several cloud subsystems, like support for multiple datastores, resource pools, elastic IPs in the Amazon API, improved web GUIs, and better support for hybrid clouds with Amazon EC2. Some of these improvements were contributed by several members of the OpenNebula community, such as Research in Motion, Logica, Terradue 2.0, CloudWeavers, Clemson University, and Vilnius University.

OpenNebulaPro is used by corporations, research centers and governments looking for a hardened, certified, long-term supported cloud platform. OpenNebulaPro combines the rapid innovation of open-source with the stability and long-term production support of commercial software. Compared to OpenNebula, the expert production and integration support of OpenNebulaPro and its higher stability increase IT productivity, speed time to deployment, and reduce business and technical risks. Compared to other commercial alternatives, OpenNebulaPro is an adaptable and interoperable cloud management solution that delivers enterprise-class functionality, stability and scalability at significantly lower costs.

OpenNebulaPro is provided under open-source license to customers and partners on an annual subscription basis through the Support Portal. The subscription model brings several additional benefits in terms of long term multi-year support, integration and production support with professional SLAs, regular maintenance releases, product influence, and privacy and security guarantee, and all at a competitive cost without high upfront fees. C12G Labs also offers professional services to help at any stage of cloud computing adoption with OpenNebula.

C12G offers a 30-day, no-cost, and no-commitment trial of OpenNebulaPro with the services to assess its suitability and performance in your environment.


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