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OpenNebula 2.0.1 (codename Abell 39) Released!

Ruben S. Montero

Chief Technology Advisor at OpenNebula

Dec 3, 2010

3rd December, 2010. A month after the release of OpenNebula 2.0 the OpenNebula team is pleased to announce its first maintenance release. This update is the first in a series of stabilization updates to 2.0.0, coming regularly. OpenNebula 2.0.1 brings bugfixes and it is a recommended update for everyone running OpenNebula 2.0 or earlier versions. As the release only contains bugfixes, it will be a safe and smooth update for 2.0 users. OpenNebula 1.4 users may be interested in the following scripts to migrate to 2.0.1, contributed by Marlon Nerling.

Some OpenNebula 2.0.1 fixes include:

  • Better packaging of OpenNebula, including its integration in Debian unstable and improved rpm’s.
  • Improved distribution of remote actions
  • Support for drivers in the DISK attribute to use qcow formats or custom Xen drivers
  • Several minor bug fixes. Check the OpenNebula 2.0.1 issues for a complete list.

Also you may be interested in the full list of changes introduced with OpenNebula 2.0, more details here.

As usual for OpenNebula releases, this release is name after a nebula, in this case Abell 39 which is an spherical nebula about five light-years across, discovered by George Abell in 1966.


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