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OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” Beta 2 is Out!

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Mar 17, 2021

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, OpenNebula 6.0 ‘Mutara’ is around the corner! On March 1, we published the Beta version of what’s going to be the first stable release of the new OpenNebula 6 series. As many of you already know, it comes with a number of amazing novelties (including the new edge features developed in the context of our ONEedge innovation project)! 🌎

Since that announcement, we’ve received very useful feedback from testers and developers in our Community, and we’d like to use this blog post to send them a big ‘thank you’ for helping us improve this upcoming version. As an open source project, we really appreciate the contributions and support we get from our Community, and being able to join efforts to produce the best open source cloud and edge platform in the market should make us all feel very proud! 👏

So, today we are announcing our Beta 2, which:

  • Deprecates the ECONE server (implementing the EC2Query REST interface).
  • Deprecates the old hybrid drivers for Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure, as well as the hybrid connection to remote OpenNebula instances—as OpenNebula 6.0 already implements our new Edge Cluster Provisioning model.
  • Comes with official support for LXC (Linux Containers), and deprecates LXD.
  • Fixes a number of issues present in the first Beta, related mainly to the Sunstone GUI and the new FireEdge portal.

These days the OpenNebula team will still be in “bug-fixing mode”, in preparation for the upcoming Release Candidate. So, testers and developers are more than welcome to keep sending feedback for the final release! 🤓 Please check the known issues before submitting an issue through GitHub. Also note that being a beta, there is no migration path from the previous stable version (5.12.x) nor migration path to the final stable version (6.0). A list of open issues can be found in the GitHub development portal.

🚀 Download OpenNebula 6.0 and give it a whirl!

ONEedge 880412 Acknowledgment


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