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OpenNebula Cloud Announcement

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Nov 20, 2009

The OpenNebula Team is proud to announce the dawn of the OpenNebula Cloud. Although this can be shortened to ONE Cloud, it is in fact two, although both of them are accesible using two interfaces: OCCI and EC2.

  • Dummy cloud. This cloud offers an interface to an OpenNebula instance configured using dummy drivers. This means that it will offer a seemingly infinite capacity to run VMs, but it actually won’t ever run any VM instance. This ‘dummy’ cloud is offered to test the OCCI and EC2 inte rfaces
  • Real cloud. The OpenNebula instance that supports this clouds has access to physical server, and will offer the possibility of configure virtual networks, launching real VMs and access them using public IPs. This ‘real’ cloud VMs will have a limited capacity and is not meant to provide VMs on demand for personal uses, but rather to test OpenNebula cloud functionality.

The aim of these clouds is to allow for interface testing and foster the creation of an ecosystem built on top of OpenNebula clouds.

More information on configuration of the clients and usage of the two clouds can be found here.

Tino Vázquez


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