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Join the OpenNebula 6.10 translation effort!

Call for Translations

Francisco Picolini

Open Source Community Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Jul 3, 2024

The OpenNebula team is thrilled to announce the Call for Translations for the upcoming 6.10 release. As with every new version, we invite our community to help us spread the outreach of this release by contributing to translating our platform. These efforts can make a difference in promoting OpenNebula in other languages.

6.10 will be the last OpenNebula release to feature Ruby Sunstone, which is being replaced by the new Sunstone interface served by the FireEdge server. Following OpenNebula releases will drop Ruby Sunstone from the codebase, please take this into account in your future plans, and translate accordingly.

How to Get Involved

We utilize Transifex, a user-friendly online translation platform, to manage our translation projects. Existing translations can be updated and new translations submitted through our project site at Transifex:

Have you never used it before? Don’t worry! Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Join the Translation Project: If you’re new to our translation community, you’ll need to sign up for a free account on Transifex. Visit our OpenNebula 6.10 project page on Transifex and click “Join this project”.
  2. Select Your Language: After joining, you can choose the language you wish to contribute to. If your language isn’t listed yet, feel free to request its addition.
  3. Start Translating: You can begin translating immediately. Transifex’s interface is straightforward, making it easy to submit translations and suggestions. Remember to focus on clarity and accuracy to ensure high-quality translations.
  4. Review and Approve: If you’re an experienced translator, you can also help by reviewing and approving translations submitted by others. This collaborative approach ensures that the translations are polished and precise.

You can find more information and a complete step-by-step guide on the Transifex documentation page.

Tips for Effective Translations

  • Consistency is Key: Use consistent terminology across the platform to maintain a cohesive user experience.
  • Context Matters: Pay attention to the context of each string to ensure your translations make sense in their specific usage scenarios.
  • Collaborate and Communicate: Utilize Transifex’s discussion features to ask questions and provide feedback. Engaging with fellow translators can help resolve ambiguities and improve the overall quality of translations.

Deadline for Translations

The deadline for submitting translations for the 6.10 release is July 22. We encourage you to start as soon as possible to ensure ample time for review and approval. While we accept contributions all the time, we will freeze the strings by that date. If you need more time, please let us know, and we’ll review the case.

Stay Updated

For ongoing updates and discussions about the translation process, you can join our community forum, under the Discussion category. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to this project, visit the OpenNebula page on Transifex and be part of the international community!


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