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OpenNebula Public Training for 2018


Feb 14, 2018

OpenNebula Systems has published the schedule for public classes in 2018 for the OpenNebula Introductory Tutorial.

The introductory tutorial is a beginner level course designed to introduce IT professionals to OpenNebula. The course covers the process of installing, configuring and operating enterprise clouds and virtualized data centers using OpenNebula. This course helps anyone who wants to set up a small scale OpenNebula test environment to gain experience working with OpenNebula. Students will be able to learn cloud architecture design, planning and installation, a general understanding of technical and business capabilities of an OpenNebula cloud, and basic configuration and usage of its main components.

The course is available remotely over the internet, given by instructors in an interactive, virtual environment, and featuring exactly the same contents and hands-on labs as an on-site training. The course fee includes one OpenNebula Certification exam registration to be used just after the course.


You can contact OpenNebula Systems if your would like to request private training.


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