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AppMarket 2.0.2 Released!

Daniel Molina

Sep 19, 2014

We are pleased pleased to announce a new maintenance release of AppMarket. Release 2.0.2 solves issues reported by the community and has been verified to work with OpenNebula 4.8.

This release is part of the AppMarket 2.0.x series, which extended the AppMarket functionality by adding a new set of features that enables the management and processing of OVA files. A new component AppMarket Worker was introduced, which handles the OVA package treatment (download, unpack, OVF parsing) and image format conversion. This release also featured a new API, a new simplified import dialog, a new AppMarket interface via Sunstone, and handles VMware and VirtualBox OVAs.

Please consider that, although AppMarket is widely used by the OpenNebula users, this software has not gone through the same rigorous testing process as the main OpenNebula distribution.

Read more about the AppMarket 2.0.x series.





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