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OpenNebula Service Management Tool

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Jan 25, 2011

Clustered services are multi-tier services composed of several components/tiers. They can be hosted as a group of interconnected virtual machines in a cloud with specific deployment requirements. The OpenNebula Service Manager is a component that enables end users to deploy and manage the life cycle of their clustered applications. It provides several atomic operations to all components in the application to support the full life cycle management of the application.

The OpenNebula Service Manager adds the following features to the OpenNebula experience:

  • Management of multi-tier services with atomic operations (submit, shutdown, cancel, stop, suspend, resume, delete, list and show)
  • Description of service components (VM) interdependencies through a Service Description Language (SDL)
  • Non-intrusive install (no OpenNebula modification required)
  • Graphical representation of services
  • Multiple options for traversing the dependencies graph
  • New command line interface (oneservice)

Additional information:

This component was developed as a student project by Waheed Iqbal as part of Google Summer of Code 2010. The OpenNebula team will continue to develop this component, building on Waheed’s excellent work over the summer.


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