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OpenNebula Sunstone Screenshots

Jaime Melis

Feb 17, 2011

In a few days OpenNebula 2.2 will be released, and along with it our brand new Cloud Operations Center: OpenNebula Sunstone, a GUI intended for users & admins.

Here are some screenshots (click to see a larger version):

Login screen




VM Management


Host Management


Enjoy them and stay tuned for further updates!


  1. guillaume gens

    so you throw “Management Console” & “OpenNebula Administration Tool” project ???

    where is the re-use ??? where is source of this interface ??? … where is community way ???

    I don’t understand why I take many time on your mailing-list archive when i search a good recipe for a problem.

    … and when I posted for THE libvirt API problem, you keep the silent:
    When a feature no longer works, specify in your online documentation, but don’t keep the silent. Is not open source project?

    please build a “real” wiki (wikimedia), and open it. People will share their recipe, experience … a real community way !
    … keep the mailing-list and redmine tracker just for support : users don’t spent time and you too

  2. borja

    The OpenNebula Administration Tool (developed in GSoC 2010) is actually the starting point of Sunstone (in a sense, the OpenNebula Administration Tool was Sunstone 0.1). The Management Console is a separate project developed by a different team and, although it is used in production, we felt it was not general-purpose enough for most OpenNebula users, so we decided it was best to produce our own solution (with the Administration Tool as a starting point)

    OpenNebula code is always developed in our public repositories (although, like many developers, we sometimes develop some code on our own machines and don’t push it to the repository until it’s at least somewhat substantial; most users have no need for seeing a few lines of half-baked code that doesn’t do anything :-). Pushing the Sunstone code to our public repository was delayed for various internal reasons. However, we don’t see anything inherently bad about this. We try to get all our code out as soon as possible, and this time we simply were not able to. It’s just the way things turned out, and many open source projects operate in a similar fashion, specially when developing code that won’t be useful to the public until it reaches a minimum level of maturity. As we’ve stated on our mailing list, the code for Sunstone will be pushed to our repository very soon, at which point we will be happy to accommodate requests for features and changes from the community.

    As for your problems on the mailing list, please understand that we can only provide support on a best-effort basis. Although we try to respond to questions as soon as possible, sometimes messages do regrettably fall through the cracks. I encourage you to simply re-post your question when this happens. If any part of our documentation is outdated, I can assure you we want to know about it and correct it as soon as possible.

    As for an OpenNebula wiki, we do actually have a community wiki open to all members of the community: We evaluated Mediawiki and simply felt that, given that our website is already wiki-based, setting up an entirely separate wiki site with a different piece of software would be overkill, and that it would be better to simply start by opening up a section of our website to any user who requests an account (these requests are routinely granted, as are requests to get a Redmine account). If this “wiki section” grows to be so big that it merits a separate site, we will certainly reevaluate our decision.

  3. rishi

    do we have gui web interface for opennebula1.2-0ubuntu6???
    if yes,where can i get it???



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