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OpenNebulaPro Subscriptions at a Highly Competitive Cost

C12G Labs

Sep 12, 2011

C12G Labs has just announced a new highly competitive pricing plan for OpenNebulaPro Support Subscriptions. Support subscriptions are now offered per managed server, per zone or per data center site at a lower cost with progressive discounts for larger infrastructures and multiple zones. C12G additionally applies pricing discounts for multi-year terms and for Education, Government and Non-Profit institutions. New subscriptions also include lower maximum response times for the three levels of service.

The price changes are immediate for new customers, and for existing customers the new pricing will start on their next renewal. In the meantime they will receive an upgrade in their level of service.

About C12G Subscriptions

C12G’s support subscriptions provide long-term multi-year support, production-level support with professional SLAs, integration support for optimal and scalable execution in any hardware and software combination, certification support to validate compatibility with complementary components and customizations, regular updates and upgrades, product influence, privacy and security guarantee, and additional tools for the administration of OpenNebulaPro cloud instances in production environments, all at a competitive cost without high upfront fees.

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About OpenNebulaPro

OpenNebulaPro provides the rapid innovation of open-source, with the stability and long-term production support of commercial software. Compared to OpenNebula, the expert production and integration support of OpenNebulaPro and its higher stability increase IT productivity, speed time to deployment, and reduce business and technical risks. Compared to other commercial alternatives, OpenNebulaPro is an adaptable and interoperable cloud management solution that delivers enterprise-class functionality, stability and scalability at significantly lower costs.

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