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OpenNebula 3.0 Beta2 Released!

Ruben S. Montero

Chief Technology Advisor at OpenNebula

Sep 8, 2011

8th September 2011. The OpenNebula project announces the availability of OpenNebula 3.0Beta2 (2.9.85), the second preview of the upcoming OpenNebula 3 toolkit. OpenNebula 3 introduces many new components and features for cloud management. With this release, the code base of OpenNebula 3 is feature freeze and the team will concentrate its efforts on polishing and bug fixing.

The release cycle of OpenNebula 3.0 is being a bit larger than previous ones as expected. However the source tree is stabilizing fast, you should expect a final release at the end of the month. Please note that OpenNebula 3.0 Beta 2 is not suitable for production environments. We recommend those currently running 3.0 Beta, released last July, to upgrade.

The OpenNebula team wants also to thank all the feedback received for the previous beta release. Keep testing!

What’s new in OpenNebula 3.0

OpenNebula 3.0 comes with a lot of new features: ACLs , Zones, Virtual Data Centers, new network models among others. Please take a look to OpenNebula 3.0 release notes for more information.

What’s new in OpenNebula 3.0 Beta 2

This beta release includes many bug fixes, and stabilizes the OpenNebula 3.0 code base. It also include some new features:
  • New authentication methods. Those deployments that require a robust and secure authentication system can use x509 certificates and SSH keys.
  • Quota support. The quota service has been moved to the new ACL system and extended to include storage space.
  • Sunstone. The OpenNebula management console has been extended to level its functionality with that of the CLI.

Migrating from OpenNebula 3.0 Beta

As for OpenNebula 3.0 the internal database uses versioning. Upgrading from OpenNebula 3.0 Beta1 needs to follow the standard upgrade procedure described in the documentation.

Migrating from OpenNebula 2.x

There has been a bump in the major version number of OpenNebula. There are three main areas that need attention when upgrading your installation (if you are an OpenNebula 2.x user):
  • Database, The DB schema has re-design from scratch, to ease the transition you should use the ”onedb” tool to automatically upgrade your system.
  • User Interface, There are minor changes in the CLI and user interface. The most notably ones are that now you can reuse names, and that images and networks can not be referenced by name, use NETWORK_ID and IMAGE_ID instead.
  • API, New methods have been included for the new features. Also there are a few changes in the current xml-rpc methods.
For a complete set of changes to migrate from a 2.x installation please refer to the new Compatibility Guide. You should also read this document if you are an OpenNebula 2.x user.


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