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OpenNebula at FLOSSUK 2014 – Brighton

Bernd Erk

Mar 19, 2014

FLOSSUK 2014The yearly spring meeting of the FLOSS UK takes place in Brighton this year. The venue in the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton is typical british and about 100 meters away from the ocean. Independent from the lovely countryside i have the chance to take about our way from manual configured XEN-Instanes to a fully fledged OpenNebula-Cloud. Using OpenNebula for years know, is a big advantage for us and helps us a lot in our daily business.

There was a lot of activity in the OpenNebula Project the last year, so i have much things to talk about. Native GlusterFS Support, improved Network and Storage Drivers are just a few examples about that. If you are in Brighton or have a chance to come over please join my talk tomorrow.

I talked to several people yesterday and many of them gave OpenNebula a shot after listening to my last years talk about it. There is nothing better i think 🙂



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