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OpenNebula at the RootCamp Berlin

Héctor Sanjuán

May 29, 2012

Last Saturday I had the chance to introduce OpenNebula at the RootCamp Berlin. RootCamp Berlin is a bar-camp in which several participants meet and agree to hold presentations on several topics of their choice. This was the first edition of the RootCamp, and it ran under the wing of the LinuxTag 2012, the leading open-source event in Europe, in which we also held an OpenNebula presentation.

Image from the rootcamp session

My choice for the hour-session was to set up a basic OpenNebula install from scratch. I used a netbook as frontend and node, and Sunstone and SelfService interfaces to perform the necessary operations.

Participants of the session were able to see how to add a physical KVM host, how to upload a basic ttylinux image and how to create a Virtual Machine attached to a Virtual Network. Everything worked perfectly and we were able to SSH into the virtual machine and also to connect via VNC in Sunstone. In the meantime, I detailed and answered questions about the different possibilities OpenNebula offers regarding hypervisors, storage back-ends, network isolation modes or authentication possibilities.

I finished the session setting up OpenNebula oZones, listing resources from several zones and showing how to isolate a set of resources automatically by creating a Virtual Data Center.

Many thanks to all the participants of the session for their interest and to Netways for organizing the event and inviting me to join.


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