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Say Hello to the Agenda of the OpenNebulaCon2023!

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Francisco Picolini

Open Source Community Manager at OpenNebula Systems

May 31, 2023

For more than a decade, OpenNebula has formed a wide user community among leading companies and organizations in many different sectors around the world, including banking, technology, gaming, telecom, cybersecurity, hosting, public sector, and research. OpenNebula has become the point-of-reference for everyone interested in open source virtualization, cloud, and edge computing.

Last year we organized the first virtual OpenNebula Conference—the 9th edition of our annual community gathering—and not only because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but also because we knew that, as we confirmed very soon, this format makes it easier for people from all over the world to participate in equal terms and helps to make open source even more inclusive.

Today, we are announcing that the agenda of the OpenNebulaCon2023 is ready! 🤓 More than 40 amazing speakers from 30 different organizations will be contributing to this 10th edition of the OpenNebula Conference with their expertise, use cases, technical skills, and unique vision about the present and future of open source cloud & edge computing, so hurry up and register now! ⬇️


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