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StorPool to Sponsor OpenNebulaConf 2016

Daniel Molina

Feb 15, 2016

OpenNebula Conf 2016 is getting closer and we would like to share with you the first Platinum Sponsor,  StorPool Storage. You can meet them in the booths area during the coffee and lunch breaks. If your company/project is interested in sponsoring OpenNebulaConf 2016 there are still slots available.

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StorPool is intelligent storage software that runs on standard servers and builds scalable, high-performance storage system out of those servers. It focuses on the block-level storage and excels at it. OpenNebula is the preferred cloud management system for StorPool. It is simple, yet powerful and works very well.  StorPool is already integrated with OpenNebula. The integration is performed as a new datastore driver in OpenNebula. With StorPool, OpenNebula clouds get exceptional storage bandwidth, IOPS and low latency. This allows provisioning more VMs per host which increases utilization and ROI. Combining both products also allows for seamless scalability in capacity and performance as well as increased reliability.

At the event StorPool will demonstrate the joint solution, answer any questions and will help customers to improve the design of their cloud.  If you want to participate in OpenNebula Conf and meet StorPool and other OpenNebula users, remember that you are still in time for getting a good price deal for tickets.

About StorPool Storage

StorPool is block-level storage software. It has advanced fully-distributed architecture and is arguably the fastest and most efficient block-storage software on the market today. StorPool is incredibly flexible and can be deployed in both converged setups (on compute nodes, alongside VMs and applications) or on separate storage nodes. More about StorPool at or



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