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Daniel Molina

May 21, 2019

OpenNebula Techday Dublin 2016 – The OpenNebula TechDays are full day events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on cloud installation and operation workshop, and presentations from community members and users. These events are targeted at cloud architects, data center admins, systems admins, systems integrators, DevOps architects, and solutions architect. The emphasis is to find local speakers and users to come together and talk about things that they care about most, and to share stories from their experiences using OpenNebula.



The TechDay will be held at

Trinity College Dublin
Lecture Theatre LB01 in the Lloyd Institute

Contact: opennebula.dublintechday@scss.tcd.ieMaps were disabled by the visitor on this site.

The School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin is noted for establishing computer science as an academic discipline in Ireland and has a rich history in the development of research and teaching. Study opportunities range from degree to Ph.D level, drawing on the expertise of over 60 academics and 200 researchers. The School collaborates with leading industry players and fosters innovation through its many successful start-up companies. Organised into five disciplines: Computer Systems, Information Systems, Intelligent Systems, Software Systems and Statistics, the research within these disciplines is concentrated on the activities of their constituent research groups.

The School is home to a number of Trinity College Research Centres: Centre for Computing and Language Studies, Centre for Research in IT in Education, Future Cities and Centre for Creative Technologies. It also hosts large-scale national research centres co-funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and industry including: ADAPT Centre for Digital Content and Media, the Learnovate Centre and CONNECT – Irelands’ research centre for Future Networks. It is also partner within additional Irish Research Centres: Centre for Data Analytics (INSIGHT) and the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero).

Call for Speakers

Send us an email at and if you are interested in speaking at this TechDay and:

  • Sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences
  • Introducing new integrations and ecosystem developments
  • Describing other related cloud open-source projects and tools


Register for this Event

The number of seats is limited  to ensure there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to interact. We encourage everyone to register as early as possible.

Agenda and Speakers

Agenda includes a hands-on cloud installation and operation workshop, and presentations from OpenNebula community members and users.

9:00-9:10: Introduction

John Walsh, Trinity College Dublin
Presentation by the event organizers and how they use OpenNebula.

9:10-13:00: Hands-on Workshop

Javier Fontán, Advanced Solutions Engineer at OpenNebula Systems
This hands-on tutorial will give an overview of how OpenNebula is used to build and operate private clouds. The attendees will build, configure and operate their own OpenNebula cloud.


  • An introduction to cloud computing with OpenNebula
  • The architecture of the cloud
  • Planning and installing OpenNebula
  • Configuration and basic usage


The target audience is devops and system administrators interested in deploying a private cloud solution, or in the integration of OpenNebula with other platform.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the features and benefits of using virtualization and clouds
  • Describe different architectures for a cloud that can be deployed with OpenNebula
  • Deployment and basic configuration OpenNebula
  • Basic operation of an OpenNebula cloud instance


No prior OpenNebula skills are required, but participants should have working knowledge of virtualization, networking and Unix/Linux systems.


The workshop includes hands-on exercises to be performed using attendee’s wifi-enabled laptops with VirtualBox installed. The attendees will build, configure and operate their own OpenNebula cloud.

Coffee Break

There will be a small break halfway the tutorial. Around 11:00.

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00 – 17:00: Presentations

14:00 – 14:30: OpenNebula within the Digital Repository of Ireland Project

Stuart Kenny, Software Engineer, Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)
Virtualisation has played an important role in the Digital Repository of Ireland’s development. Initially Ansible together with Vagrant were used for the automated and repeatable deployment of consistent development environments to developer workstations. Later with the project’s hardware infrastructure in place and running a private OpenNebula cloud, these same Ansible scripts were re-used to create a continuous integration and test system. Now this same approach is used to deploy and manage the complete stack of our production repository system. This talk will cover DRI’s use of OpenNebula and Vagrant in its development and production workflows.

14:30 – 15:00: OpenNebula at the School of Computer Science and Statistics

John Walsh, Trinity College Dublin
This talk will present an overview of OpenNebula-based service deployed at the School of Computer Science and Statistics since February 2013. The Schools cloud was established to help provision for diverse computational environments that are required to support the School’s research and teaching activities. Several use-cases and user applications will be considered. Furthermore, a basic outline of the architecture will be presented, as well as the Schools future plans for expanding the service.

15:00 – 15:30: Coffee Break

15:30 – 16:00: Docker Machine and Swarm on OpenNebula

Javier Fontán, Advanced Solutions Engineer at OpenNebula Systems
Introduction to OpenNebula’s integration with Docker Machine, or how to run dockers and swarms in your Cloud without breaking a sweat. Open discussion about what the future awaits for Docker in OpenNebula.

16:00 – 16:30What’s New in OpenNebula 5.0

Javier Fontán,Advanced Solutions Engineer at OpenNebula Systems
Small sessions explaining some of the new features available in the newest released version.

16:30 – 17:00: Open Space

This is a session for attendees to gather and discuss passionate questions, burning ideas, features, integrations or any topic of their choice, in an informal and tech-friendly environment, with other passionate and interested people. There is no preplanned list of topics, only time slots and a space in one of the meeting rooms where interested participants propose topics and pick time slots.


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