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Terradue to Sponsor OpenNebulaConf 2016


Jun 14, 2016

OpenNebula Conf 2016 is getting closer and we would like to keep sharing with you the companies/projects that are sponsoring this year’s conference. Now it is time for Terradue, as part of our Silver Sponsors.

If you want to participate in OpenNebula Conf and meet Terradue and other OpenNebula users, remember that you are still in time for getting a good price deal for tickets. Also, if your company is interested in sponsoring OpenNebulaConf 2016 there are still slots.

About Terradue

 Terradue was founded in 2006 as a European Space Agency (ESA) spin-off. Our mission is to innovate data integration and analysis Cloud services for Earth Sciences. Today, user communities working on Terradue Cloud Platform contribute to research ecosystems where public and private sectors jointly develop skills for the new digital, computational science. Our flagship solution for massive processing of Earth Observation data is orchestrated using OpenNebula. Terradue’s Private Cloud is also using OpenNebula for its very effective, customizable cloud technology. As an open source project, OpenNebula offers a strong vehicle to contribute enhancements, and build dedicated solutions for our customers. Terradue is an OpenNebula Partner since 2013, from which we appreciate direct interactions with support, well-established branding rules, a joint vision to develop OpenNebula markets, and good visibility on the OpenNebula roadmap. At the OpenNebula Conference 2016, we will also present our future endeavours in building Digital Marketplaces, allowing user communities to cross-fertilize cloud-enabled tools and data repositories for Earth Sciences.

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