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Upcoming OpenNebula Cloud Technology Days in USA

Jaime Melis

Apr 23, 2014

We are pleased to announce that there are two upcoming Cloud Technology Days that will be held in June in USA:

Both events are completely free and are very interesting for the community. They both feature a 4h hour tutorial in which you will learn how to install and configure an OpenNebula Cloud from scratch using CentOS. There are still some slots available for speakers and sponsorship opportunities at both TechDays. Send us an email at if you are interested.

The event in Boca Raton, Florida, is hosted by TransUnion|TLOxp which is a global leader in information and risk management. We will learn from them how they’re using OpenNebula to deploy their on-premise cloud.

The event in Fremont, California, is hosted by HYVE Solutions which is a leader in providing large scale deployments of fully integrated racks of purpose-built datacenter servers, storage, and networking solutions. Among many other things we will learn about their OCP Open Rack solution and how used in conjunction with OpenNebula it delivers a robust On-Premise Cloud Solution.

HYVE Solutions is the original OCP solutions provider, having built all of the servers and racks for Facebook‘s Prineville and Forest City data centers. During this event we will have the chance to participate in the Manufacturing Plant Tour of the Facebook OCP Racks.


Many thanks to TransUnion|TLOxp and HYVE Solutions for hosting these events.

TU_TLO_horizontalHyve logo

Looking forward to seeing you there, these are two events you cannot miss!



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